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Furbelow is a 17th Century word, which means "To Adorn with Trimmings"

Bohemian Decor is all about making a space unique by bringing the "trimmings" that  encourage you to express your personal style. We sell pieces that are once off, handmade and detailed with texture and colour.

When we moved into our home just over year ago, I had a very specific idea of how I wanted to decorate it. Bohemian vibes all the way! I referenced for ages beforehand on Pinterest and Instagram. But when it came to actually buying  all those things I longed for, I found it either did not exist in South Africa or it was crazy expensive. 

So from this realization and a real need to decorate my home and have creative freedom, I started Furbelow. So Furbelow has inspired my home and my home has inspired Furbelow.

My mission is to help and inspire you, my customer, to surround yourself with beautiful, soulful objects , that reflect your individual creativity. 

Our Home and Furbelow were just recently featured in two exciting forums:

In the Renowned -The Jungalow Website and Blog:  
Secondly South African "Home"/"Tuis" Magazines did an amazing feature on Furbelow and our Home in the June issue. Here are some pics from the article: 

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