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by Bryony Webster •

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What is Bohemianism? Chapter 3

  * Cover Image Credit: The Jungalow In the previous blog posts we have already defined and established the concept that is Bohemianism . Here is a little recap: Bohemianism and being bohemian is all about the rejection of the “normal” and the “conservative” and finding a way that creatively stands out, that is different and your own. In terms of Bohemian decor we could say then, that individuality is expressed, which means the style is as diverse as the individuals themselves. To illustrate this point here are pictures of two spaces that would be defined as bohemian. and are completely different: Left Picture Credit: @bykoket Right Picture Credit: @elainemusiwa  However within this freedom of expression there are some concepts that are pretty standard and allow for a framework when decorating this way. Here are some examples...  Integrating nature is key to the bohemian-modern aesthetic. Interior plants are everywhere. Hanging or otherwise.Credit: Arriana Danielson - a plant bonanza   Handmade and culturally distinct items create a amazing diversity of colour and form. They give a space depth and texture. Picture credit: @dkrenewal -  Kantha Quilt from India, Mud Cloth Cushions from Mali, Boucherite Rug from Morocco         The mixture of old and new is always key to a bohemian styled home. Vintage and modern can be juxtaposed and somehow blended to create wonderful layers.  Picture credit: @whatever_happened_to_miss_wolf  - Contemporary Couch and Coffee Table, Vintage Arm Chairs and Turkish Rug                Having said all of this, the best part of the whole bohemian philosophy is, its all about your style and your creativity. Your home can be a reflection of you and nobody else will have a space quite like it.  :)