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Moroccan Musings - Chapter 2

by Bryony Webster |

Marrakech - Part 1

The best way to describe the Marrakech experience, is that it is a continuous assault on all your senses. To every sense in every sense. So hectic and so wonderful..
 When we stepped off that train from Casablanca and started travelling in the taxi across the red city, I felt like my mind would explode. It is almost too much for the body and brain to handle.

Touch - The heat for me was almost unbearable. It was 40 degrees and we were there in Autumn. The buildings are so close together and there are soo many people.  The heat just gets trapped and you cannot escape it. Unless you hide in a air conditioned restaurant or in your Riad.
A Riad is a truly marvellous place to stay when you are in Morocco. They are basically the traditional Moroccan houses built around courtyards, and are often converted into Air BNB’s or Hotels. They are very reasonably priced and are generally in the oldest part of Marrakech, known as the Medina.
To get to our Riad we walked down very narrow little streets and the entrance was a small low wooden door. It was called Riad Dar El Aila. It has two courtyards, with a beautiful dip pool and a large rooftop with amazing views of the city.  There were lush plants, palm trees and flowers everywhere. Your Riad is like your oasis when you stay in Marakech. The ancient thick walls block out the noise and heat and it is just so peaceful sitting on the rooftop sipping mint tea.


Smell – So many smells, so many strong smells.
Taste – Tagine, tagine and more tagine. Delicious. I am no foodie, so I won’t get into it here.
Hearing – Moroccans are not a quiet people. They are passionate and forward and they talk very loudly.  It almost sounds like they are shouting at each other, when actually they are just having a chat. They love a hooter, and people seem to ride on scooters more than they walk in Morocco, so there is a lot of hooting. The place vibrates with sound.

Sight – Everything is so so beautiful in the most intense way. Bright , vivid colours, intricate patterns ,and shiny textures is everywhere you look. Whether it is part of the architecture in a slum or a palace, or on a collection of rugs hanging outside a shop.
In the next blog post I will get more into the “sights” or visual elements of Marrakech.  It’s the best part and why we went there the first place.

* All photos taken by Johnny Scholtz and Bryony Webster


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