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by Bryony Webster •

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Moroccan Musings - Chapter 3

Marrakech - Part 2   In the last blog I discussed how Marrakech was an assault to the senses. Visually it’s like a Nuclear Attack!! I have never ever known such manmade beauty. Here are some of my most beautiful experiences of Marrakech... Shopping in Marrakech for me was like heaven on earth. So much colour and sparkle and texture, the Magpie in me wanted it all. Rugs of course were the best part. We visited many rug shops and it was a wonder to have rug after rug displayed at your feet.Leather bags and belts were also a huge favourite for us both. The leather is so soft and pliable and Moroccan artisans really know how to create incredible shapes and designs with whatever material they are given. Their lamps are a good example of this. Walking into a lamp shop in Morocco is like walking into a magical dream. One of the biggest tourist attractions of Marrakech is Le Jardin Marjorelle. The famous home and gardens of the late Yves St Laurent and his partner Pierre Berge. The gardens are like a sculptured desert oasis. Huge and elaborate cactuses, palm trees and Lilly ponds. The buildings are painted in the hue called Marjorelle Blue. It is the most incredible colour. It is so vivid it almost glows. An outstanding example of Moroccan Architecture and design is the Palace of Dar El Bacha. It belonged to the Lord of the Atlas, one of the most powerful leaders of Morocco from 1912 to 1956. It has only recently been opened to the public. There is no furniture in this museum, because it really is not needed. Every spare space is covered in some kind pf intricate pattern and colour. Mosaics, carved wood and bevelled glass are everywhere.I basically walked around with my mouth wide open. It was insanely beautiful and overwhelming. Morocco satisfied all my colour, texture and pattern desires. I have brought it back with me in the shape of rugs and pouffs and cushions. They are soo wonderful to look at and to touch.. I am sharing the joy right here on Furbelow. Go get your own little piece of textile heaven.* All photos taken by Bryony Webster & Johnny Scholtz